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Any young kid (age 8-13) who roams with a gang of other kids while riding scooters, bikes,skateboards, etc. While alone, these kids are shy and timid but when with a clan of other scooterbros, they can become gay and think they own the streets at which time you must put them in their place.

The preferred way of dealing with said scooter Bros is driving by in your CAR and throwing miscellanious objects and/or yelling any obscenity that may bring to light the douchebaggery at hand.

"Hey fuckin Scooter Bros, Fuck YOU!!"

"Welcome to Fuckville Scooterbro!"

by brock da cock August 24, 2008
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A pair of two men who ride all around the city with a pair of Razor Scooters. They can do all fancy tricks such as riding with no hands.
Ay man, You see them Scooter Bro's? I wish i was one of them.
by Yanniniv January 23, 2011
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