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An omnivourous dinosaur of the suborder of Cameronosauria from the late Jurassic to the Cretaceous period having medium to short hind legs and a relatively small head. The Scoodlesaurus is most well known for it's strange bark which sounds like the words "Feather in your cap" being repeatedly grunted. This particular dinosaur mainly feeds on raw vegetables and grains which he consumes from a plastic tuperware container that never goes through the dishwasher.

The Scoodlesaurus is a rare breed of dinosaur that was known to hunt and nest with the Vickosaurus in the Kaiteriteri region in New Zealand. It was notorious for hacking paths through the native bush in this area and never rubbing it's sunscreen in.

(HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOODLE, you're ancient! But I'll love you till the next ice age and beyond!)
The Scootius Shepherdradius Scoodlesaurus.
by Lilabet April 26, 2010
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