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A native of Wisconsin who devotes their life to the Packers, deer hunting, pickup trucks, and country music. Sometimes these creatures can be difficult to spot due to their camouflaged attire, but the cargo shorts and cutoffs are a dead give away. Some claim to be light beer connoisseurs, and many fancy themselves as cheese experts. Rarely seen outside of their small towns or farms.
After a long day of cow milking, the scondog cracked open and put on the packers game.
Upon completion of their pilgrimage to the promised land, Green Bay, the scondogs guzzled an entire case of miller lite before the pregame even started.
by Constellation Crew January 31, 2018
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A Scon Dog is a Native American food is is frybread with a hot dog inside of the frybread.
Friend: hey want to go get a Scon Dog .

Other Friend: Sure y not.

Friend: You know those things r crazy good right.

Other Friend: Yea i thought that is y u asked.

Friend: Thanks for the idea bro.

Other Friend: No Prob
by (Mae) April 17, 2017
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