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The Scoble Scale is a Software Engineering term invented to fill the need to accurately describe your annoyance level to other co-workers. This is based on the Scoville Scale used to measure the pungency of peppers, which is based on a subjective rating by test subjects. In this case, the subjectivity is because annoyances can differ between people, but at least there's still a way to communicate it.

1 Scoble Unit is equal to the annoyance perceived from taking a 45 min train ride into town for a meeting organized by a manager that takes less than 5 minutes to conclude, then have to ride the train back.

Since the scale is subjective, it theoretically has no upper limit, but for the sake of simplicity we try to cap it to 11.
"Oh man, that meeting was horrendous. Definitely a 5 on the Scoble Scale."
by CanadianBadass March 24, 2014
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