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Science fiction erotica also know as sci-fi erotica is basically books or movies involving humanoid monsters and beings from other worlds interacting with one another in a romantic/sexual type of manner.Very few people know about this genre.The popularity of this genre mainly derives from tv shows and many movies such as Avatar ,Star Trek,The Fifth Element,Angel,Star Wars, Stargate sg1,Charmed,Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beast Master,Xena the warrior princess, and twilight
White Human Male: Hi Zahara i know we have worked together on this ship for about a year and i've been looking at you for a while now and i can't help to see how lonely you are , your skin is the most beautiful shade of green i have ever seen, ummmmm would you like to come to my room tonight!

Green Alien Female: Well i have always wanted to fuck a human so sure .

White Human Male: Wow... well ok follow me !

(This is an example of Science Fiction Erotica )
by Queenofthenight November 30, 2011
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