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A school with people who are educated. They can laugh and joke with each other with out fighting. The 9th graders are smart, funny, playful, and talkative. The 10th graders are low key. The 11th graders are the life of the party they have the best parties, they are funny, down to earth, don't care, but they get their work done and do what is needed to be done. The 12th graders are too serious because they are going to be adults soon. Some of the teachers are cool and some are disrespectful. This is a school with some fake people and people who are conceded and some people who are the "trillest" people you will meet. There is gossip, rumors, and drama like every other school. There are gay people, straight people and bisexual people like every other school. There is only one thing this school knows when it's time to get serious and when it's time to joke around. This is a school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania now that is something to look at!
SciTech High School is an amazing school with all honor classes.
by Rog Lau November 20, 2013
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