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To the best of my knowledge, the term originated in Southern portions of Louisiana. To be more specific, New Orleans and the surrounding area. The term has recently become widely used because it is very versatile and not truly considered vulgar.

A term used as an alternative to bitch. Not as offensive, but still mildly derogatory and belittling. It is not ever really used in an angry or hostile way: One would not call another a Schweppa to provoke a fight or truly disrespect them.

It is used more so to convey that one is anywhere from trifling to just being foolish. Most often used in a playful and light hearted manner whether it is called for or not.

Properly pronounced "sh-w-e-ppa" (soft "e" and soft "a".)
1)"Man i love that dude, but he's nothing but a damn Schweppa!" (meaning dumbass)
2)"It's getting late; Where the fuck are those Schweppas?" (refering to friends)
3)"What's up, Schweppa?" (greeting)
4)"Fuck that schweppa!" (aggravated yet not angry)
5)"Let's go out tonight and snatch up a couple of schweppas to take home."(meaning bitches)

1)"Man thats some Schweppa ass shit... That's fucked up."(meaning stupid, undisireable, dick, ect.)
by Brian Guidry October 13, 2007
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