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Two brothers (Dave and Mark Schultz) won the 1984 olympics, and forever will carry on as legands. Also, Kristy Schultz, (Wife of Mark Schultz) Wrestled on Team Foxcatcher, and wrestled in the Womans World Championchips, and placed 5th.
A movie currently being made, called Foxcatcher is being made in Hollywood, in honor of Mark and Dave. The tragic story on how Dave was murdered by John E. DuPont. (DuPont Industrys, and Heir to the DuPont Fortune) parts will be played by Channing Tatum, (As dave Schultz) and Steve Correll (John DuPont) the movie will premiere in 2013. As along with a Documentary, that Will air on the History channel, in 2013.
"have you seen that kid wrestle?"
-"yeah, but he doesn't even compare to the Schultz brothers"
"nobody does."
by Katy Stone February 19, 2012
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