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(Pronounced as if one was saying "sssssssick," but with air escaping on the "sssssss" through the sides of the tongue, rather than the top.)

1. The unofficial name for bouncing on a trampoline on all fours with a beach towel on your back.

2. A sarcastic insult. Often used around public areas where children are present instead of curse words. Can be used as any form of speech (noun, adjective, verb, etc.), but only as ONE form of speech per sentence (see examples.)
How to use Schschickk correctly:

Phil: Dude, stop eating all my chips.
Chris: Stop being such a schschickk, man. There's enough chips here to last you until you move out of your mom's basement in 20 years.
Phil: I am NOT a schschickk. And I'm moving out once I beat WoW, ok?

Pete: What are you and John up to today?
Allen: Oh, John and I were gonna go schschickking at the beach. His friend has a trampoline at his beach-side house. Wanna come?
Pete: Schschickking??? Heck yes, I love to schschickk!

How to use Schschickk incorrectly:

Pippy: Yo B-dawg, hook me up with some of that Gatorade!
Bosworth: Sorry, Schschickk, but I already schschickked the schschickk in the schschickk schschickkly after I was done schschickking.
Pippy: ... Uhh, ok then.
by AlmightyZero May 31, 2012
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