A person who decides whether or not they're full of shit by the reactions of those around them.
"That guy who posted ____ but said he was just trolling when no one agreed with him is totally a Schrodingers Asshole"
by ImmortalDobbs June 16, 2017
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some one who says racist or out of pocket shit and acts like its a joke or not based off the peoples reaction.
elijah: I dont think black people should vote.
sam: IDK thats kinda fucked up
elijah:hey man its just a joke
sam:typical schrodinger asshole move
by Rusty767 November 22, 2022
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Someone who doesn't like being alone enough to be in disagreement with lots of people, so they tend to be in agreement with enough people to try and outnumber anybody who disagrees, but still try and look like someone nobody will mess with (a poser), that way the one or the few that really do disagree remain the assholes who actually have consequences coming their way.
The guy/girl that created the term schrodinger's asshole didn't know that he/she was his/her own definition of one. He/she liked to argue a lot, but didn't actually like for everybody to be in argument or opposition to him/her, since that would actually mean ending up alone, while everyone else was together on something. He/she hated being alone too much to ever really be an asshole on his/her own, so he/she created the term schrodinger's asshole to try and get more people in a group of other schrodinger's assholes just like him/her, that way he/she was guaranteed not to be alone.
by Solid Mantis May 8, 2020
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