The philosophical thought exercise used by men and women, waiting for a text that states "If you turn your phone off the text is both received and not received untill you turn it back on and see". This thought exercise is exceptionally useful when you are waiting and obsessing over a text.
Person 1 "hey aren't you waiting on a text? Why is your phone off"

Person 2 "schrödinger's text. If I have my phone off I don't know if that hot girl in chem class replied to my dinner invite and as a result I can't worry about not getting a reply."

Person 1 " wow just grow a pair"
by ShepherdSaint November 6, 2017
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From a quantum mechanics point of view, someone is either serious or joking about the text until they get a reply.
Sam: So I sent Cleo a risky text. I'm not sure how she's gonna take it.

Strive: Haha, chill she just might be into it.

Sam: And if she trips I'll say I was joking, it's basically a Schrödinger's risky text.

Strive: Nerd!
by Blurrific March 19, 2020
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