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A person who has an unhealthy obbsession with curricular or academic pursuits. These are the type of people who you would watch struggling with thier test papers as they attempt to scrawl that last vital piece of information into the page.
Often crushed beneath parental pressure they are the continuious persurers of the mythical "good job", meaning a job that pays large wadds of money and nothing of creative or personel enjoyment.

Swats are the way they are beacause by the continuois stress they are presented by teachers, parents and thier own internel control. They feel no need to pursue any other activitys that do not present the possibility of a 95% grade. They often grow up to be miserable people, beaurocrats or office workers. A shame really because thay speant the whole time they could have speant enjoying themselves begging for a little sheet of numbers.
They are also assured that happiness is'nt found within onself, it is found in test scores and preparing for ones (depressing) future.
"You find this subject difficult and boring, why not do ordinary level?"


"Why not?"


"Thank you for your logical explanation."

"Don't get sarcastic with me, at least I'll have a good job when I grow up!"

"I'll see you when I need form stamped."

"Oh shut up bin-man!"
by billy bo bo June 01, 2005
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