School administrators are something rarely seen outside of captivity. They are glorified half-retarded paper-pushers who feel that they are making a difference when in fact all they are doing is making everyone frustrated and slightly constipated at the sheer though of all their bullshit. It is socially, morally, and ethically acceptable to shun said beasts and laugh at them when in the presence of third parties. As of the present, there is no definite cure to their insufferable bitchiness; however, a sharp blow to the back of the head with a large bat or similar instrument seems to be effective.
When Kenny was forced to confront a school administrator, the bane of the entire world's existence, he chose to commit Hari Kari in a futile attempt to avoid being prison raped by the admins presence.
by Mac___Crazy August 11, 2010
The Most incompetent administration known to mankind. Famous for not fixing anything in the school for 20+ years and caring more about the LGBTQ community and their public image more then the regular student
Holy Fuck the Springfield Township High School Administration is really damn incompetent they blew our whole budget on useless TVs instead of fixing the air system!
by Free Gat February 18, 2019
When you search something up on Urban dictionary and have to pour bleach in your eyes, then apologize to your school board.
"Insert student name come to the office." You hustle down the dirty ragged hallways of hell, waiting for punishment.

"Why did you search that up?" the bearded principal says in disgust.

You stutter, "I'm sorry, school administrators. I thought this meant something else..." The bearded principal glares at you, clicking his pen.

"Fine," he says. The room practically darkens, "I forgive you, child.."
by Pwaaool February 4, 2021