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'Schneidmuller' may be used as a filler word, when you don't quite know what words to use in order to express what you mean. Also if you want to convey an obscenity or suggestive term without directly saying it, thus keeping the conversation rated PG. It is a very versatile word, as it can mean many things, like 'shalom'. Schneidmuller may be used as a Verb, or a Noun... and sometimes is very rarely used as a Proper Noun or even in some cases as an adjective. Inspired by George.
1) Noun:
"Dude, stop being such a Schneidmuller."
"You got some Schneidmuller on your face."

2) Verb:
"Dude, I just Schneidmullered myself."
"I Schneidmullered your mom last night."
"Don't make me Schneidmuller you."
"The cops are outside; we'r totally Schneidmullered!"

3) Proper Noun:
"Yo what's up George? How is Mrs. Schneidmuller today?"

4) Adjective:
"I drank like 17 beers man... I'm sooooo Schneidmullered right now"
"Man, thats Schneidmuller to the fullest."
"How Schneidmuller of you."
by Brian Baer February 16, 2007
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