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verb (used with object)

1. to draw milk through the nose by laughing.

2. to perceive by or as by schnarffing; schnarff.

3. to examine by schnarffing, as a chronic schnarffer does.

–verb (used without object)

4. to draw milk into the nostrils by air pressure from the lungs from laughing,

5. to draw globs of snot from the nasal cavity out the nostrils and on your face; don’t schnarff.

6. to express pleasure, content, or your hot chocolate, etc., by schnarffing (often last resort).


7. an act of schnarffing; an exhalation through the nose; a schnarff.

8. Milk, soda, juice, etc.

9. a preparation of milk either powdered or liquid poured into mouth without swallowing, sudden exhaling through the milk out the nostrils by guy falling down the steps or freshly plucked Canadian goose feather tickling foot

10. a glass of vitamin D milk.

After schnarffing his milk he was in a different kind of mess.
by Toshrast December 17, 2007
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