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A ball game invented in summer 2005, involving a ball shaped like an 8 (like two balls attached together so it forms an 8 shape), which was stolen from a garden toy called the lo-lo ball. The game involves two teams of 2 or more people on each team, you need a garden or park or somekind of grassy area, and it will need to be divided into two halves.

Now, the aim of the game if to throw the ball so it touches the ground in the oppositions half, because of the odd shape of the ball the are many different moves that you can pull off to make it difficult for your opponent to catch. One of the most effective moves is to "sun" an opponent, this is when you throw the ball high over to the opposition so that the opponent has to look upwards towards the sun, therefore temporarily blinding them resulting in a dropped ball. Another effective move is to “tree” an opponent, this involves throwing the ball into a tree so it drops into the oppositions half, and obviously there are many different variations of “treeing” an opponent.

Early versions of the game included a "lick brick" rule instead of the traditional points scheme. This involved the dropper licking an allocated brick on a barbeque.
Schmugby - Drop the ball, lick the brick. Easy
by Dan Schlong August 10, 2006
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