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Pronunciation: "Shh - mew -mew - mew"

An expression of self-pity OR to express the emotion of disappointment or sadness. The word is usually coupled with a "kitty paws" hand gesture at approximately chin height symbolising the origin.

Origin: A “two – four” beer box full of adorable kittens left on the side of the road gets picked over one by one as the lucky ones find a lovely new home. The last kitty left in the “two – four” is the pitiful one that no one wants. Ie. “You’re like the last kitty in a “two – four”. The “kitty paw” hand symbols at chin level – resembles the kitty peeking over the edge of the otherwise empty lonely box with sad kitty eyes.
Skinny Bitch: I feel so fat today
Heartless friend: Awe Schmewmewmew - cry me a river fatty!


Concerned Friend: Are you feeling any better today?
Whiner: Meh...Schmewmewmew
by rangerdangers January 24, 2013
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