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A sub genre of Indie Pop that found its roots with a central Ohio band, twenty one pilots, in 2012. Combining elements of Pop, Rap and Indie, Schizoid Pop is usually sung in the form of urban and spoken word lyrics and focuses more on the content of the lyrics and the vocalist(s)' tone of voice than background instrumentation or other musical elements. Instrumentation differs from song to song, with instruments used ranging from synthesizers to ukuleles. Each piece features heavy symbolism and meaningful diction within its lyrics, most of which focus around defining the many functions and states of an individual's mental behavior/emotional reaction(s) to certain situations. It can be seen as a fusion of synth-driven selections of lyrical uplifts.
The duo that is twenty one pilots has earned widespread applause for their energetic live sets and distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift.
by Unit-Omicron January 27, 2015
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