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A high class member of the whales at sea world. This specific classification of whale has a endless pit called the stomach. The favorite food of the whale is the sea biscuit. Sometimes for fun this whale enjoys farming. It is know that when the whale bounces the ball on its head it loses the majority of its knowledge, so it has to be re-taught all its tricks. This species of whale was known to walk on earth before humans were around. This whale is on the smaller scale in size, but is very fatty from the food it consumes. The trainer of this whale is of the highest quality that one could find in the nasty nati.
"The schimpfarian jumped through the air souring above the fiery ring that it gracefully whizzed through like a young whipper snapper."

"The schimpfarian blew a very high spike of water through its blow hole after preforming its 'Hippy Hula Hoop' routine."
by tricky Lil Ricky January 13, 2012
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