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A town in nwi and close to Chicago that is basically just the average of all of the towns that it borders. The kids here go to Lake Central High School. The northwest section of town that borders Munster, Indiana is where Briar Ridge Country Club is and where the wealthiest of Schererville reside. The few Asians and Indians that live in this town usually live in this area. The western border is Dyer, Indiana where the other half of the country club residents (usually the younger ones). The people in west Schererville are pretty well-off but are more under the radar and not as showy about it. The southern portions of town border Saint John, Indiana and Crown Point, Indiana. These are where most of the serbians, greeks, and macedonians live as the orthodox churches are nearby this area. This is where most of the people as a whole live and is lively with house parties. The northern area of Schererville borders Highland, Indiana and Griffith, Indiana. It is very loosely populated and is mostly industrial land. The people who do live there though are somewhat hickish. Finally, the eastern portion of Schererville that borders Merrillville, Indiana is where the majority of Blacks and Hispanics live. There are nice houses there as well, but not too many parties because the cops are always watching. Overall, this town has qualities of every town that borders it and is just an average American suburb plus a lot of traffic.
Person 1: What kind of town is Schererville, Indiana like?

Person 2: Schererville is basically old money like Munster, middle of the road like Dyer, new money like Saint John, white ethnic like Crown Point, diverse like Merrillville, boring like Highland, and blue-collar Griffith.

Person 1: But all of those towns are different!

Person 2: Exactly, so it is just an average of those towns. Nothing special!
by playerdonthate January 14, 2011
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