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(1.) adjective - Art, specifically literature, that is dark and fantastic in nature. Taken from the name Robert Schark, author of the brand new Young Adult children's series "Josh Powers" and the middle grade novel "Big Fred". (2.) adjective - Any subject that is grim and off-the-wall, often involving kidnapping, imprisonment, monsters, and psychological torture with a fantastic or wondrous twist, intended to "both frighten and enlighten", as per the Robert Schark writing style. (3.) adjective - A personality or demeanor reminiscent of the Scharkan literary style or Robert Schark personage.
1. "Have you read that new horror novel about underground aliens taking over Los Angeles? It's disturbing and hilarious, very Scharky."

2. "That sci-fi movie we saw last week was really scary but really funny too. Scharky."

3. "Have you met James yet? He's a dark and brooding artist, but he can always make people laugh. He's exceptionally Scharky."
by the specter August 05, 2007
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