MrX: i just lost my job and my girlfriend is sleeping with my best friend.
dan: dude, you have been schapelled!!
by lista_ads June 3, 2005
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To do something ridiculously stupid and get caught
"Yeah Mr x tried to sneak into the concert, but he Schapelled it and got kicked out"
by Manbearunicorn February 16, 2014
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She is the best, best friend ever, never fails to make you laugh or smile, is a nic addict, hates school, short, so beautiful, crazy, loud, lives to sing, is just the best bitch in the whole wide world
Is that Schapelle?

It must be look how short she is
by Jbod May 26, 2021
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Australian girl who has become a national hero/villian after she was charged with drug-smuggling in Denpasar airport. Since her charge several months ago, she has dominated all forms of media in Australia, and been the catalyst for a number of really funny events, including:
1. Prison inmate in Victoria testifies in Bali court
2. Baggage handler at Sydney airport caught with camel head on tarmac
Schapelle Corby- Gold Coast girl in Bali jail awaiting trial
by Akka April 21, 2005
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