A nice way of calling someone a groupie.
Twig is a wannabe scenequeen
by dominika March 23, 2008
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Often found on myspace, a typical scene queen has thousands of friends, a colorful wardrobe, and big outrageous hair.
A typical scene queen:
by Chelsea12345678900987654321 January 17, 2009
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A girl who loves dinosaurs, robots, and The Number 12 Looks Like You. Basically has choppy hair or a mullet. Disgusting looking in person, but they are so damn good at taking myspace.com pictures at that COOL angle! They look cute and skinny. Plus they must wear that black, inch long eyeliner all along their eyes.
A scene queen could have the name Laceytron or Miss Katie. Or a scene queen could be a 13 year old girl who is a freshman in highschool, and is a vegetarian because it sounds "cool" to be one,and a dyke to be "different". Fat, Ugly, and a MYSPACE CELEB!!! aka a poser or an idiot.
by dontrella-jean November 28, 2005
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1.The reason I hate my life

2.snobby nosed little beaaatcheess that dont have anything else to do in their own time excpet taking pictures of them selfs with little clothes on i.e. a bra and undies to get attention.

they join 4512145421245451 trains on myspace
They believe that everyone wants to be like them
the more photoshop there is, the better
their hair looks like roadkill.
Arrogant, stuck up and plain btichy
flirt with every boy there is.
wear a stupid bow on your head.
& act stupid too
provide myspace proof when not necessary
they think they're emo
hello kitty loving whores
call themselfs scene queens when they dont even go anywhere
lyke omgggzzzz hello kitty is lyke sooo kawaiii im such a scene queen, even though i stay home everyday. :P
by starkid February 11, 2008
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A Scene Queen is basically a rock and roll socialite.
Doesn't have to come from a wealthy background such as, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
Scene Queens, however are less annoying.
Usually is a hair stylist or model. All of them have sidekicks to communitcate with their scene posse.
They all have major internet popularity, on myspace, buzznet, youtube, stickam, etc etc..
Kid Sally: Audrey Kitching has the best scene queen hair

Kid Billy: Poosha, her hair is totaly a Jefree Star rip-off, and her myspace layout color... is so ugly.

Kid Mandy: Stfu man, Kiki Kanibal is the best.
by hatfoe December 12, 2007
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Usually seen at local Metal, Emo, Hardcore, and even ska(?) shows. Have overly dramatic haircuts, the most popular one being the "chicken butt". Tight form-fitting pants, too much make-up, and little-boy clothes can be a clue. Dinosaurs, robots, pink guns, and the words "bang-bang" are a DEAD giveaway. Usually try to whore it up with guys in bands.

Seen EVERYWHERE on myspace, taking pictures of themselves using "the angles".
That bitch with the Chicken Butt hair and the dinosaur purse that is sucking Calvin's dick is a scene queen. Damn, fuck that hoe. Fuck man lets mosh!
by Mike Braun February 18, 2006
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Basically, the life and fire of whatever scene she's into. The small, close-knit world of emo, screamo, hardxcore, punk, or whatever scene she is into follow her like a deity. She is god, she is the Virgin Mary.

There are a few ways to spot a scene queen, even if you arn't in her crew.

~Everyone's "I'm so scene" story involves her in some way. (i.e. "O-m-g, we were all slam dancing at this show last weekend and (insert SQ's name here) was like...")

~ She has an Armanda of people around her at all times (a lot of the time, she actually hates a lot of these people)

~She has a photography group, band, zine, newspaper, clothing line, or some other creative outlet. Moreover, unlike everyone else's in that scene, her's is actually good/popular.

~She is actually comfortable with herself. Most of the wannabee SQ's will be total bitches just to try to get closer to her or fool people into thinking they are important, but she reigns all. She is comfortable with herself and gives an air of it.
Jackson: Think we can book that place?
Caitlin: I dont know, if the SQ okays it.
Jackson: The who?
Caitlin: The scene queen. God, be more scene Jack.

by xcaitieXchaosx November 05, 2006
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