Teenagers that are famous off the interent!!! here are some examples of scene queens: Jeffree star, kiki kannibal, zui suicide, audrey kitching, samantha riddle, hilary haywire, and many more!
they are such scene queens!
by xxxstarxxxloverxxx August 27, 2007
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Young teenage girls who spend every second of free time they have searching through myspace to find the newest trends; they stay on the internet for so long that people start to know them as myspace whores. They pound neon makeup and thick eyeliner on no matter where they are going. They own at least 20 band tee's and laugh at girls who wear hollister although there closet is filled with there hollister clothes that they once wore (probably last year). They make fun of the scene although they are heavily in it themselves.They have a new hair color every month and cover their arms with rubber bands and gawky, childish bracelets such as hello kitty and finding nemo. They are lost in a superficial world of makeup, hair extensions, and hairspray. They start to believe that it's hot for young boys to wear there mother's jeans, and use there mother's straightener's, basically they're lost in a "reality" of their boyfriends looking like they should be a girlfriend and in a few years they'll snap out of it and go back to normal, and laugh at how weird they once were.
Scene Queens live at "shows" on the weekends and the mall everyday after school.
by yvonne111 March 18, 2009
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Scene queens all have:
-Stand out in anyway
-extra active on social networking sites
-seem to be nice
-have catchy good names
-start a new trend
-write blogs
-all model
-create/sell something
*Scene queens usally date, or is friends with a band/member! They know a fashion designer or someone famous!
*Scene queens get into 18 & up club and the underaged scenes even find a way to drink in clubs

some scene queen & upcoming scenes:
by vipscenedude January 29, 2009
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A gay man who spends most of his life in the scene....hitting every bar almost every night, owns the "gay" clothes, cliché gay as it were
Robert: Hey should we ask Michael to join us tonight for dinner at my place?
Steven: Um, haven't you heard? Michael has turned into a real scene queen...he spends all of his life in the bars.
by LanguageLover71 June 16, 2009
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The girl you NEVER want to be.
The girl you NEVER want to know.

The trashy-est, skinniest, scenest girl in a certain area. The girl with the most scene points, the most myspace friends, the most picture comments, etc. She's gone out with AND slept with every scene guy within a 200 mile radius of her house. she's a slut with no sense of self worth, yet everyone wants to be her. she's the "it" girl of all the scene kids and is constantly being asked out by scene girls and guys. she's totally popular and is always surrounded by her scene friends but none of them are nearly as scene as she is. in some cases the scene queen gets offended by being called a scene queen and will rarely admit to how hard she tries to be scene. she probably has an eating disorder, lots of them do because their popularity is based on their looks and no one would like them if they wore size 0 jeans instead of double 0's, right? anyway, the scene queen usually ends up turning into a sleazy, grimey, filthy whore with every STD ever discovered.
The Scene Queen:
-has the most extentions in her hair
-has the most layers and colours in her hair
-has the most myspace accounts/livejournals/facebooks/aim sn's
-immediately gets 4000 comments everytime she puts up a picture on myspace
-is constantly changing her look
-wouldn't dare leave the house without ten pounds of makeup
-slept with your boyfriend
-is completely superficial
-is a whore
-needs to shut up, put some clothes on, and get a reality check.
by static anonymity June 22, 2007
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See: scene

Scenequeens are people often looked up to by the millions of scene kids around the world.

Their popularity can often be attributed to myspace. Many scenequeens have hundreds of thousands of friends, and get several hundred comments on each new picture they post.

Some signs or symptoms of a scenequeen, or a scenequeen wannabe, include a list of "fakes" who have stolen their look, millions of pictures (often done in very minimal clothing), designer logos, thousands of friends, obscure electronica profile songs, and pictures of cartoon characters.
1: "Yeah, she totally stole her look from a scenequeen."

Some scenequeens include Jeffree Star, Jac Vanek, HannaBeth, Koti Rose, Kiki Kannibal, etc.
by Tinkerbell is dead April 02, 2008
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Scene Queen (seen kween): noun, def: essentially a camera whore but with better perks; a female who is mostly known for sleeping with members of "rock" bands and taking excessive amounts of pictures of themselves to be placed on the internet; see also: trainwreck.


Audrey Kitching, arguably the most famous scene queen, linked to Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco
Hannabeth, Audrey's "best friend," rich daddy
Jac Vanek, "photographer," linked to Ryan Ross, also of Panic! at the Disco
Kiki Kannibal, wannabe, famous for "bringing stripes back"
Jeffree Starr, truly ~QUEEN~ of the internet
Scene Queen staples:

The Fashion Mullet, short on top, long underneath.
Best if dyed un-natural colors, though jet black and platinum blonde are also acceptable. The more colors you can get into your hair, the better.
Add extensions for +10 scene points.
The "coon tail" is a popular look (see Kiki Kannibal).

*Straighten your hair. Cut and dye it yourself, too. The weirder it is, the more scene. Think 80's metal hair trimmed up with all the sophistication of today. It doesn't matter if you're a boy and your hair is longer; it doesn't matter if you're a girl with shorter hair; what matters is your ability to pull it off with confidence. Also, you can't go wrong with getting it stacked or layered. The idea is to look androgynous with your hair. Spike it up in the back and straighten the sides.

It is also very "scene" to be a "hair stylist."

Make up
Eyeliner: Lots of it, preferably in black.

*Wear eyeliner, whether you're male or female (NOT emo eye paint). If you know how to apply eyeliner, do it yourself, but if you are a novice girl or guy, let someone that knows how to apply makeup do it for you. Males have a tendency to put a "little" too much makeup on their faces, while girls can wear as much or as little as they please, (see Audrey Kitching).

Most commonly seen with a septum piercing, snakebites, or a Monroe, or a combination of the three. Some have plugged ears, some don't. Some scene kids have tattoos, mostly on the sleeves. Tramp Stamps are sooo not scene.

If you can see shoulders, then it's scene.
"Deconstructed" Tee-shirts: Oversized tee shirts of rock bands they've probably never listened to made sluttish.
American apparel is another brand scene queens love, especially their bikini tops.

*Stock up on band shirts. Band shirts are uni-sex. If you've done your music research, load up on classic band t-shirts (i.e. The Ramones). Get the tightest fitting t-shirt, within reason. Look for shirts that have the vintage feel. If you can actually find a vintage shirt, more scene points. Anything with dinosaurs on it is automatically accepted. Shirts with foil prints on them are also in, as are shirts with any of the following on them: gun, butterfly, bird, skull, lightning bolt, etc.
Sometimes SQs wearing hip-hop street-wear hoodies, but this is not common. (For some reason scene kids love hip-hop, even though if they ever actually met anyone within the hip hop scene they would probably get their *** handed to them.)

*Wear tight, skinny, pencil jeans (NOT flares, bootcuts, or baggy jeans). While the tighter the better, find a decent fit for you because no one will talk to you if you look like a fashion victim.
Girls are recommended to have tight form fitting jeans in a vintage or dark wash. Girls can also wear jean skirts or black stretch skirts, as long as a decent pair of leggings are worn beneath (Remember, you can never go wrong with a pair of solid black leggings, or any leggings for that matter).
And don't forget the belt (Preferably black pyramid belts; white for females), usually worn with the buckle to the side.
Scene queens also like wearing tutus. Why? No one knows, but some think it has to do with repressed desire to be a ballerina.

Ballet flats and other formal low heeled shoes are accepted. But heels are okay too. Nike Dunks are preferred for "athletic" style shoes, though most scene queens would rather not exercise, as that could ruin their hair.

-Invest in necklaces that have guns, hearts, keys, butterflies, skulls, bats, etc. Make sure it's plastic. Big wooden necklaces are a good alternative. Most scene queens are known for making over-priced shrinky-dink jewelry.
-Do not wear gloves or arm bands of any type. The only ones that are acceptable are the fingerless wrist warmers with either the skull on the back or lace trim.
-Oversized sunglasses with thick black or white frames are acceptable, and cat-eye frames are another good choice.
-Hats can be worn with caution, though you're better off without, as it is important to show off one's glory, the hair. Girls should wear plenty of bright-colored hair barrettes, clips, ribbons, and bow.
-Every scene kid should own at least one bandana (Often black and white, or red and white). Either fold it into a flag to hang out of your back pocket or into a band to put on your head.
-Hello Kitty is a big deal with both scene girls and boys.

Other Scene Queen staples:

SQs love all types of Japan related items, such as Ugly Dolls and Hello Kitty. Especially Hello Kitty.

SQs love Chanel, even though Coco would roll over in her grave at the sight of her beloved Double Cs on such trash.

T-Mobile Sidekick 3
Requisite scene communication device, AIM for being connected to "friend) 24/7, internet access for checking myspace or buzznet profiles.
by indiecindie November 15, 2008
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