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There is no new scene kid. They are still the same, The "new" scene kids are actually all hipsters.

Scene is still the same as it was back in 2007.
The first definition purely describes awkward hipsters.

Scene is still the same as was back in 2007. (Even if there are admittedly a few changes, Such as being able to have curly hair. )

Scene Kid New Version = Not real.
by IWILLEATYOUR February 18, 2012
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Here's my updated version of your "Scene Kid", the old "Scene" is not how it used to be back in 2007.

New Scenester, Girl:
Might still have Scene Hair but some can have curly hair.
Can be one color or many. They don't have coontails in their hair anymore.
Dresses like an Indie kid, thinks she knows everything about fashion. <--- THIS IS MAJOR, I BELIEVED THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL SCENE KIDS.
Still likes Hello Kitty.
Makeup is more improved not the simply black anymore. Wears false eyelashes.
Can have piercings, plugs, and tattoos too.
Definitely isn't childish anymore.
Uses photoshop and has the best pictures taken by her DSLR pro photography camera.

New Scenester, Guy (They still KIND OF look the same):
Still has his long choppy hair. Hair is the same, but doesn't cover one eye well it never did.
Has plugs, piercings, and tattoos.
Wears American Apparel alot.
Still wears skinny jeans and always will.
Looks like he's in a band.
V-necks are a must, might wear sandals.

Both might wear Babycakes clothing or some Drop Dead.
They both smoke and drink w/e go to shows and raves.
Myspace is dead, Stickam is wear they are at.
Their age doesn't matter but their usually 17 and older.
If your a teenager and younger and your in the new Scene well good for you.

Poser "Scene Kids", the ones who still try to look like the old Scene even if its long gone now:
Scene Hair, or a miserably attempt at it.
Thinks coontails are amazing and has to have them in her hair.
Likes Hello Kitty, Dinosaurs, Robots, thinks its cool to be childish.
Bad Grammar...
Ex.) Omgah thatz the sehxx, raddd so hxc and sxc, add meh on myspace kthxbaii.
Hot Topic whore, shops there too much and thinks its cool to spend $20 on band merch and not even usually go to their show.
Some don't even know what Stickam and American Apparel is.
Some usually wear Drop Dead and Babycakes only because they seen other kids wearing them and thinks he/she is so cool.
Looks kind of Emo.
Often labels themselves.
Has cheap pictures and bad editing on them.
Their ages range from 17 years old and younger like way younger I've seen some as old as 9 years old.

This is only the style I'm talking about. No one said that you had to like a certain type of music or personality to be Scene. If you do that then your definitely not being yourself. Lets face it the only reason the original scene kids changed was because of the poser ones who started copying them and doing the Scene wrong and failing at looking Scene.

New Verison:
tinyurl . com/ngyxv3
tinyurl . com/n3fada
tinyurl . com/msjhjy
tinyurl . com/ncmtd7
tinyurl . com/mp94nn
tinyurl . com/noywm4
tinyurl . com/nkbj2v
tinyurl . com/mv5m7j
tinyurl . com/nb54n8
tinyurl . com/ljcpys
tinyurl . com/msb463
tinyurl . com/klh9fo
tinyurl . com/l6wxc3

Old Version (Some pictures are very old):
tinyurl . com/no7agq
tinyurl . com/mwu3tm
tinyurl . com/kr52aa
tinyurl . com/n6x5og
tinyurl . com/muptxw
tinyurl . com/mtnzwe
tinyurl . com/nnc97w
tinyurl . com/nl7coj
youtube . com/watch?v=ggI4aIwGWZI
youtube . com/watch?v=qPJe7NI6tfI
youtube . com/watch?v=3kjgZw9q_K8

youtube . com/watch?v=86fdBxKcZ90
tinyurl . com/lnkxbv
tinyurl . com/m378ek
tinyurl . com/kuejvo
tinyurl . com/ks88gq
tinyurl . com/nve9ys
tinyurl . com/ko7vl3
Scene Kid New Version: Proof up there how everything changed about the "Scene".
by SomeGrownUpScenester June 19, 2009
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