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a planet far far away, themed with skateboards. the world was created by four gods. Mileage, douchecus, spenitus, and ericus. two of the gods knew it was a mistake from the beginning, and one didnt really care. thus scatopia was created, and the great text was bestowed upon the scatopians so they would know where they came from. two of the gods wrote the great text. they were inspired by divine infinity of plant matter in the heavens to create scatopia.
Excerpt from the great text: Scatetopia is in the shape of an upside-down circle turned precisely 342.63432342356 degrees to the south. When spencer was born on scatetopia he ate skateboards, these skate boards where supposedly known to the world. They first became known on the first 58 earth years. The surface was measured as .7 AU so getting around the place was going to be a challenge. We stopped on the way to eppsville when we encountered a 70ft foot. This supposed foot, which undoubtably stunk uncontrollably, was the first to ride on a giant skateboard. When we bought him a sled dog for his birthday he road around and got pulled by it till he turned red and blood was leeking from his moldy foot. MY turn again well only state my tone once but the operations kust stop. And not with twoo teez. Once we landed the surface was grounded by a thick monster pourage. We then barried Nathan on old tye house. We found a skinhead nazi maker who baked pies for us then sent us on our marry way after of course we killed him and spilled his assholes to milk farms. All nazi bounty hunters carry a lucky bag of sphincter holes…we needed a 70ft foot boost of power to tame that beast.

Day 22, what seems like april, month 2,(starvation/insanity)
Well at least I have my vanity…another piece missing and ill be done with Horton hears a who
by poop maker February 17, 2011
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