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I'm not too sure where this originated, but I haven't ever checked out the picture. Basically there are 2 versions of the "Scariest Picture on the Internet." If you type in "Scariest Picture on the Internet" in Google, look for either the picture of the levitating girl in a black dress that looks kinda 3D-ish or a sketch of a girl with brown hair.

Backstory for Brown Hair sketch:

The sketch is believed to be a self portrait of a young Japanese woman, who supposedly sketched herself before scanning the sketch and posting it onto the internet. The origin of the picture is currently unknown, but I have contacted the creator of the youtube video and have asked for the information required to properly and efficiently analyse the sketch.

If you stare at the picture for an amount of time, it is said that the sketch can be seen moving. Some people have reported seeing her eyes moving, even changing colour. Others have reported seeing her chest moving up and down as though she was inhaling and exhaling. All of these are due to the fact that the sketch is said to be cursed, as the woman commited suicide only a short amount of time after drawing it.
Me: I am a chickenshit and I ain't about to look at Scariest Picture on The Internet.
by Dumshickle August 13, 2011
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