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( scah-boo-del-ing)
The act of screeching at the top of your lungs and simultaneously slapping someone, presumably across the face, and concluding the act by sprinting away
Jeff: Yo some guy just screamed and slapped me and then he ran.
Georgiano: dude you must have done something terrible to earn a scaboodling.
by AbsoluteKnockOff May 17, 2019
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a sudden illness experienced on January 20, 2021 when you can’t go into work because you must celebrate the the swearing in of President Joe Biden & Vice-President Kamala Harris signaling the end of the 1460 day hostage situation otherwise known as the Trump Presidency & the defeat of the Potatriot Uprising of January 6, 2021.
I couldn’t go in Wednesday. I had the inauguvirus
by Sonicbo0mz January 21, 2021
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