An individual that works to peel off any scabs on porn actors bodies just prior to a shoot as to give them a nice smooth surface. Alternately, they are used to help remove the dried sperm or other caked-on substances from actors in between scenes, removing them much the same way as actual scabs. While not strictly required, it's polite custom for the individual to lick the fresh new areas after removing the scab to make sure they feel OK (much like kissing a boo-boo better). Finally, most have collection jars that they carry with them to keep the most interesting specimens they find for display or ingestion later.
"That Scab Worker did a great job on my ass today, now it must be baby-smooth!" and "My face was totally caked after that bukkake, but that Scab Worker took it off in one big peel like a mask, if felt great!"
by The Second-Hand Condom Man February 11, 2010
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