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The act of consuming copious of amounts of Irish car bombs in such short a time which will result in severe intoxication and acts of carelessness. However, it does not end here. When Sawdoctoring, you then proceed to wander the streets of Boston on St. Patty's day weekend looking for the "House of Rules".While force-feeding random strangers PBR (and treating it as an exquisite beverage), you get kicked out immediately because your friend is a cunt. includes The second step of the Sawdoctor Process involves finding your cuntish friend and meandering back to your place of residence. The third and additional steps include throwing cracker jacks and rose petals everywhere. To complete the "Sawdoctor" one must be completely shitfaced and totally belligerent so they forget the previous 9 steps.

-Being Sawdoctored
-The act of Sawdoctoring
-Go out and pull Ole' Sawdoctor
Ryan got so Sawdoctored last night he pissed on his friend Derek.
Tony is coming to campus, let's go get Sawdoctored!
Tomas has finally decided to pull the Ole' Sawdoctor with us tonight.
Where the fuck is Timmy? Oh yeah, he's Sawdoctoring with the ugly cougars.
by dshea3090 April 12, 2013
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