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The hottest guy you'll ever meet. You can't go without some Saveon in your life. If you ever met a Saveon you would want him instantly. He just kind of has that affect on people.
Suzanne: Oh my god I was walking down the hall way and I saw Saveon and I think I need to change my pants.

Lucy: Holy crap he is really really hot.
by TheMaker212 June 17, 2011
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a term used to describe an individual who saves girls from other guys; any act of holding onto an item so that others cannot enjoy it
I was spitting game at some breezy when her questionably gay male friend pulled her away for a private talk. I responded, "save on brotha."
by jmac88 April 30, 2008
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Save'on is the best bae you can ever get in the world. He is caring, lovable, funny, and he makes your day. If you ever have him as a boyfriend then you are SUPER LUCKY to have him
Jasmine: Have you seen that boy over there I think his name is Save'on

Yazmin: No, i heard from everyone that he is a trouble maker, and I don't want to be friends with people like that

Jasmine : All those people haven't met him yet. He is the nicest, coolest, and funniest person i met in this school
by QueenJaz.17 November 25, 2017
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Save'on is a guy you can't live without, he is the kindest person in the entire WORLD. If he is your boyfriend then your the luckiest person ever, but he can be weird at times...
Jess: Hey have you met Save'on yet
Me: No but I heard that he is a bully

Jess: They are lying he is the best person in the whole school
by QueenJaz.17 September 20, 2017
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