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A girl who wondeful, perfect, and so very beautiful. She usually consists of brown hair, very deep beautiful brown eyes, glasses, short, and a cute smile. She always ready to help anybody and make anyone happy, but don't pick a fight with her or ur friends, cause u might get hurt even if shes small, she has some guts. This girl is funny, silly, really smart, self conscious about some things, overthinks things even simple ones, she loves helping others and loves to lead others too. If ur her boyfriend u will love her as she is loyal, shell make jokes of being lesbian, but shes always loyal to u. She will make u as happy as she can, but she will blame herself if she does something wrong and it upsets u, she loves being around u. She will care for u as best as she can, she can be clingy, needy and ofcourse horny. She has a nice body too, so you'll like that. Keep mind she can be dominant but its teasing lots of it. If u get her hold on to her as much as u can. Never let this girl go, she is great and wonderful, she will love u more than u can imagine.
Savanna Syharath is mean, but she seems so cool
by Wolfy_bookboy123 November 22, 2019
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