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A nickname consisting of the names Savannah and Isaiah. A Savaiah is not too short or too tall, not too fat or too skinny. Very intelligent and trust worthy. Can be blunt at times and brutally honest. A Savaiah can keep the darkest of secrets. Laughs at EVERYTHING! If you have a Savaiah don't ever let her go. Tough on herself and others. Extremely athletic and strong. Size shoe 10. A Savaiah is an organized mess. Loves to write about herself and her problems. A very sentimental and nostalgic person.
Dis you see Jessie with that Savaiah the other day, she's so lucky.
by Soccer.Girl101 August 29, 2016
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She’s very thick and is hellla funny and good to be around if you have a Savaiah never let her go she also loves to talk about her problems
Wow look at Savaiah shit Savaiah is thick Did you see Savaiah ???
by empress velazquez December 01, 2018
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