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1. A word used to refer to a person in an affectionate manner.
Not used to exclaim at the nature of a persons facial appearence.

2. A way to show that you wish to participant in a conversation with a person but may not have been to the fullest extent in the previous few minute when they said something.
1. Do you need me to help you carry something, sausage face?

2. What's that sausage face?
by Geesusface May 31, 2009
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A person (male or female) whos face looks like a pack o sausages.
'that fellas face is like pure fuckin sausages man'. OR,

'The wizard of oz has got pure sausage face man', OR

'The fat one off eastenders with the sausage face'.
by smokinsean1979 September 02, 2012
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