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Mike Busey from the popular t.v. show/movie Jackass has a "home" in Florida. Out in the middle of no where this house is probably the weirdest house you will ever encounter. (worse than any strip club) Outside there is a giant stage in which artists such as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) have performed at. Also a bar and a swimming pool. The first thing you may notice about the house is the decor on the outside. Its got skulls and looks like something out of a horror movie. The inside is very nicely decorated with sex swings and large screen t.v's with porn on them constantly. On the walls is naked girls with holes cut out so you can stick things inside there (use your imagination) In the bathrooms are cameras constantly filming people in there. (R. Kelly style) In the kitchen is naked pictures of all the girls that have had intercourse in the house and of course bras on the ceiling. The bedrooms aka sex chambers are extremely clean and very welcoming (just kidding)
Eric wants to go back to the sausage castle.
The Disney Cast member party bus got the sausage castle ratted last night.
I got the clap at the sausage castle.
I got ruffed at the sausage castle.
by ericandmandy May 20, 2013
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