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Saunday - the incredible feeling of relaxation and relief, as if in a sauna, felt Sunday night after finding out that any school/work related activity has been canceled for the next day. Symptoms may include elation, as well as inconsideration for any responsibilities.
(Saunday for teens)
After having an awesome Sunday, John did not want to go to class the next day and was depressed the weekend was over. However, that night all students were notified that all classes were canceled the following day. John was relieved and got wasted all night.

(Saunday for adults)
After working overtime all week Conti was releieved to finally make it to the weekend. Knowing that the next week would be the same he miserably went to bed, not even having time to sleep with his wife for he had to wake up very early. However before falling asleep his boss called and told him the office would be closed tomorrow. Elated, Conti banged his wife and got dootzed the whole night.
by Tartly April 03, 2009
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