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Saugus High School is the Scrotum of the the Santa Clarita Valley. This school is whiter than the back side of Donald Trumps ass and if you are lucky you might see the occasional Black or Asian around. The only thing diverse about this school is the political views of it, you will hear political groups you have never even heard of. Almost everybody vapes and is filled with alcoholics. The teachers are either laid back as hell or trying to establish the fourth reich, with the exception of a few. Most people are chill with the exception of the people who seem to think that every back corner is a tryout for the UFC which seems to be a good third of the school. Parties here are pretty good and thats about it. The only reason why the school has been getting any attention is because of the shooting. Apart from that it’s just a slightly poorer white washed version of Valencia High School .
Person 1: β€œBro did you hear about the fight at Saugus High School?!?”

Person 2: β€œI truly could not give less of a fuck”
by cash schmoney March 20, 2020
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Saugus high school is the one place everyone goes to get away from Valencia and west ranch. The school looks like shit and the kids are all bitches. Everyone has lost their virginity. They smoke and do steroids all day. Crazy fit ass people from running the S hill. The parties are the most intense in the valley.
David:the party was the shit
Dave: I got so high and wasted I couldn't even walk home
David: let's go to Saugus high school and get fucked up
by Bitch ass cunt licker March 10, 2014
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