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Second richest school in the Santa Clarita Valley, behind west Ranch. School is pretty laid back, a lot of rich kids, mostly white and asian with the occasional mexican and black. There are too many people selling weed but alot of kids are buying so its all good. Home to plenty of potheads. Really easy to get drugs at this school. Lots of hot girls. got some good sports programs. Almost everyone hates where they live who gos to Valencia High so they try to act like theyre from somewhere "cool" even though theyre just like everyone else.
There are groups like hippie type people, jocks, popular kids, vampires, blacks, asians (koreans), mexicans, then everyone else just blends in.
Kid: Ey dawg where can i get some bud?

Kid 2: Just go down to Valencia High School, everyone's selling it there.

Kid 1: thanks man

Kid 2: oh yeah, and theres a bunch of hippies there so if you want some acid or x then they can hook you up.

Kid 1: okay cool.
by Treevite June 08, 2009
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-preppy/druggy school
-pretty good footbal team
-really good tennis team
-took away the castaic kids from WRHS
-band kinda sux
-kids with serious issues
random girl: "hey i really need a joint, do u have one?"
second rg: "noo ugg me to i havent had sex or a smoke in like a week it been hell!"
random girl: "wow ur a slut u have slept with the whole valencia high school football team"
by diufhow September 26, 2008
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A School full of Preps and snobs who think their "you know what don't stink" and cause all the drama of the santa clarita valley. But most people there are pretty laid back until you mess with their friends.
Boy: What School do you go to?
Girl: Valencia High School
Boy: So..what kind of car do you have?
Girl: Oh, just a ferarri...
Boy: (faints.)
by pubin August 27, 2008
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This school is by far the worst school in the Santa Clarita valley, You make one wrong mistake your entire reputation is ruined. You will constantly be judged, Kids will abuse you verbally and physically, don’t even try to be yourself, cause nobody here will accept you for who you are unless you’re popular and have at least 600 followers on social media. The staff is rude and will make you feel like a retarded piece of shit, they won’t help you in any given situation. But hey if you’re a pothead at least u have an endless supply of drug dealers who will give you something to make you forget how fucking terrible this place truly is.
*At the mall*
Friend: why are you hiding from that group?

Me: they go to Valencia high school

Friend: shit! We better run
by aleseuh July 04, 2018
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Home to the hottest girls of the Santa Clarita Valley. These girls are the ones you find at "The Tables" most of them are slutty and will give you what you want. If you are not an "It" kid at this school stay far away from the "pretties". Not only do these girls look as hott as fuck, they have great personalities ( to the people they like) and they dress like they are in a designer fashion show everyday. There is one girl in each class who is basically a godess these are the most popular and hottest. If your not one of them, you wish you were, these are the girls that run the show.

guy one: hey didn't i see you in The Sports Illustrated catalogue?
a "Pretty": duhh, i go to valencia high school
guy one: want to go have sex in my car?
a "Pretty": i guess just don't cum on my Luis Vutton
by govikings April 14, 2009
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