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A noun which is characterized by an obsession of eating a variety of different sauces. Despite the fact that a certain collection of sauces may not belong to the said "Sauce Raccoon", they will insist that they deserve to have all of the remaining sauce.

Sauce Raccoons also enjoy eating sauce completely on it's own, without anything else, and are capable of eating several litres a day of the most disgusting sauce imaginable.
i) "hey jew, is that some thai sauce on the side of your plate?"
"yeah it tastes great with these chicken nuggets"
"dont worry I'll take care of it for you"
"fuck off you Sauce Raccoon"

ii) "hey guys guess what!"
"I just got three litres of hoisin sauce and two bottles full of cok sauce from that chinese market, Im going to eat it straight"

Sauce Raccoon
by ThatWAnnaBeRUssian March 11, 2011
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