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Sathasiva English School: This school was founded in 1885 at Analaitivu by late Arunasalam Sinnappah upaththiyayar(teacher) and later principal in 1890 ,a man of un-common wisdom, first VC chairman, magistrate, social reformer and village- road and agricultural water storage developer. Analaitivu is a small island of about 2 sq miles in the northern coast of Tamil Eelam of Ceylon .During the colonial time when the island received little or no educational assistance from colonial masters who developed Jaffna Schools for admininstration services in colombo,ceylon so much so the education started in 1880 opposite current location which was established in 1885.
Sathasiva English School: This school celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1960 on a grand scale and produced a monumental magazine as diamond jubilee souvenior in 1961 tracing its pioneering history of passionate contributions of its founder exibiting his adminsitrative skills being a former student of Arumuga Navalar and a teacher at Navalar School in Jaffna .This Sathasiva English School had produced alumni of engineers,doctors ,scientists,lawyers, accountants and many graduate teachers .

A first old boy engineerng scholar's engineering education for sustainable development paper has been on world's top engineering university website for more than a decade shaping education of engineers worldwide.
by sathasiva August 31, 2010
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