Satanic organized crime refers to gang activity by groups of Satanists who are comparable to the mafia. There are over one million people involved in Satanic organized crime in the United States. Satanic organized crime operatives drug people via everyday products (including bottled water like the Nazis), add pesticides to sprinkler water, use high tech drones, spray pesticides directed at a target, contaminate homes with blowing sulfur from vents, contaminate homes with organophosphate pesticides from vents, render people unconscious via water heaters, take over businesses and cover them with temporary props, interfere with the flow of traffic by confusing road signs, impersonate police officers, break into buildings without leaving signs of forced entry, place high tech spy cameras in vents, employ a flammable gas called myrol, and can easily break into a variety of cars.
Satanic organized crime is highly secretive yet widespread in the United States and is comparable to various types of mafia.
by ScienceBurt January 20, 2020
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