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Though it helps to be high sometimes even sober people can come across Satan pirating the broadcast spectrum (he is the prince of air after all) and flooding poor unsuspecting mortals with dastardly sounds and images resulting in a memorable mind fuck.
Dude, one time I was totally fried out of my gourd, and after walking through a hellbroth of sonar beeping bats, my pals and I finally reached an indoor place of rest. How wrong we were. As soon as we turned on the old television, the Satan Transmission began. The screen went all green and striped, but what we could make out scared the shit out of us. It was some mockery of a religious program, but it had the triple 6 down at the bottom of the screen, and the preacher man had extra eyes in his forehead. Freaked me the fuck out.
by Alpha&Omega October 26, 2005
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