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Satan's Rectum refers the asshole or rectum of an individual who's rectal cavity is so dirty, wretchedly foul, unclean and repugnant, that it emanates vile and putrid odors permeating the air like a vicious sword cutting through the nasal membranes. Surrounding individuals encounter a stench aura and obscene, olfactory cling rivaling the world’s most stinky cheeses. Smells attributed to Satan’s Rectum include combinations of Limburger Cheese served in a squalid jock strap, a Roquefort served in a fecal filled diaper, an Epoisses served in a dry sauna with a bucket of rotten eggs, or a Camembert served on the floor of a portable toilet after a Rave. Satan’s Rectum compounds one's miry ass with habitual bung hole ecructation of shit vapors and shit fumes with the viscosity of rancid butter. The amalgam is mistaken for a demonic entity extruding bile and vomit in an biblical exorcism. Individuals encountering the insidious rank report dry mouth, watery eyes, overwhelming nausea, violent retching, dry heaves and violent emesis. Such demonic, iniquitous permeations have been likened to the smell of Jeffrey Dahmer’s freezer during an extended power outage, the eviscerated decomposing corpse of an 800 pound man, and the rotting, gangrenous flesh caused by bacterial infection combined with severe bromhidrosis (body odor). Satan's Rectum is very well known for its association with Heinous Anus Fragrance.
For weeks she retched and gagged. For weeks her eyes watered. Her vomiting gave fear to concerns of impending death. The smell of rotten eggs hastend the call to her Priest for cleansing. Her love of stinky cheese ended in gagging at the thought. Her own malevolent body odor made the entity sweet as morning dew. Her search for the source compounded by inability to rid her nostrils of the demon clinging inside her. Then, by devine intervention, her roommate bent down before her amd in all his glory he revealed himself. Satan's Rectum stood before her.
by A. M. Wood April 17, 2014
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