((Seyt-ns guhm-drops))
1. Usually, Satan's gumdrops. The real name for Brussels sprouts. A plant, Brassica oleracea gemmifera, having small, cabbagelike heads or buds along the stalk, eaten as a vegetable.

2. Brussels sprouts. any of the heads or buds, eaten as a vegetable.

3. A vegetable side dish that induces vomiting, fear, pain, death, and bitter taste in ones mouth if ingested.
Susan: Why?! Why god?! Why do you hate me so?
Brittany: What are you going on about now?
Susan: The waiter brought me Satan's gumdrops with my half order of chicken! I specifically told him not to! I asked for ...
Brittany: Satan's gumdrops? ((urp)) Ugggh... just got a little bile in my mouth.
Susan: Let's split this joint. Any place that serves Brussel sprouts in lieu of edible food does not deserve our business.
by Tsarstepan December 11, 2010
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