Commen term for someone obsessed with the Naruto charecter, Sasuke, derived from the word, Narutard. Often the rivals of Narutards, or just plain dosen't understand them.
Narutard: Sasuke suxs! I hope he dies a very painfull death!

Sasuketard: Don't say that! Sasuketards unite!
by Crest August 7, 2006
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SasukeTard = A Sasuke Fanboy/Girl Someone extremely obsessed with the Naruto Character, Sasuke Uchiha
SasukeTard - Sasuke is so Awesome!!! So much Cooler, Faster, Smarter & Stronger than Naruto

A Regular Fan - STFU you SasukeTard we ALL know Naruto is Better. The show is named (Naruto) for a Reason
by TimXMan April 11, 2018
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