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1.)A person who is trying to be mad in a situation who really isn't mad.
The person may:
-Throw a tantrum. Ex: Crossing one's arms and kicking one leg about.
- Make a mean face. Ex: Frowning or Shifty-eyes.
- Make angry sound effects, usually done when a mean face is performed. Ex: Quick grunting, or low growling.
- Giving someone an obvious silent treatment. Ex: When you say 'Omg, where did you go?' Looking in the distance when the person is standing in front of you.

People become a Sassy McNasty when:
- They are being a brat and not getting their way.
- They lose in playful competion such as board games or trivia.
- They run out of comebacks.

Words can be added as a 'suffix' to more personalize the title, but they don't change the definition.
'You throw the game board at me because I beat you at monopoly? Have fun cleaning up the houses and hotels scattered across the room you Sassy Mcnasty.'

If you were to make fun of someones pants and they were acting like a Sassy McNasty because they didn't have a comeback, you could call them a Sassy McNasty Pants.

by Xybergate April 06, 2009
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