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The name Sashri came from the Spanish-Sri Lankan origin, it is a name for a female. A person who is named “Sashri”, is the coolest and the kindest person you will ever meet and because of her coolness and kindness you would see her as the goddess of beauty, therefore a lot of people have crushes on her. She is everyone’s best friend, she is also a great partner in crime. Whenever someone needs help with anything, she is there for the rescue, she is a superhero for everyone. She has good fighting skills and she was born as a fighter and a natural player.
Person A: “I need help with something”
Person B: “Just go to Sashri, she will help you with anything”
by OXFORDUNI April 09, 2019
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She is the coolest and kindest girl that you would ever meet. A lot of people have crushes on her because she is a natural player and the goddess of beauty. She has great fighting skills and she is born to fight, she is everyone’s best friend and superhero because she is always there to help when you are in need.
Person A: Damn! Who is that?
Person B: She is a Sashri, she is soo cool and kind!
by OXFORDUNI April 09, 2019
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