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Sashmitha is one of those girls who are adorable as children, but go through a stage where no one knows what is happening, then BAM... suddenly she becomes so attractive on the outside. Sashmitha would have also have a great personality and would never want to waste her time obsessing over other people. She nearly always acts 10 times more maturer than she actually is. She is also drop dead gorgeous by the age of 20. She is fit to be a model as she is tall, and has really nice curves. Sashmitha doesn't like getting close with many people, yet she socialises a lot. She is definetely not awkward and she makes the most of everything except her love life. She can be very cautious and likes to make sure that she builds her walls up high. She is intelligent but she is also very rude at times like anyone else. Most people talk to her but she only has a few close friends and she isn't afraid to speak straightforwardly. She also is one of those really helpful friends who actually help you out when a bra strap is showing or you have lipstick on your teeth.
'... um sorry to disturb you but I thought you would like it if I help you out and tell you that there is a lipstick stain on your teeth'

'Oh shit your right - thanks Sashmitha!!'
by cocoalurver May 17, 2018
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