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When a girl kisses a boy and leaves a lipstick stain on his collar. When a Woman kisses a man and leaves a lipstick mark on his cheek for head or neck. Looking for slang terms used for a lipstick stain other than ring around the collar from the 19 thirties and forties please feel free to help find the slang terms for a lipstick stain from the thirties or forties
She left a big lipstick stain on my collar. She left a big lipstick mark on my forehead.
by Lipstick stain August 23, 2017
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You use this term when you think someone is cheating {Preferably a female.}

It's also used as another term for oral sex. {Preferred for females.}
"You're a lipstick stain."


"I stained the lipstick last night."
by Blesarus May 15, 2018
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