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Pronounced Sa-sa-oy.

An exclamation of joy, happiness, satisfaction, or encouragement. Synonymous with the words Hurray and Cheer.

This word is commonly used in Hawaii (Especially Oahu) and is part of the local pidgin slang.

It is a variation of the Samoan word sasa which means to spank or spanking. Oy! was added to the word sasa and now it is used as an expression of excitement and satisfaction. (Synonymous to the phrase "Hell Yea")
-Ho brah, you get da wahines numba ova dea'r?

Ya brah, and she gotta fren too uh. Dea's choke fine ladies ova hea'.

-Ho cuz, I stay at tha California Hotel righ' now.

You win any moneys braddah?
-Brah, I come up two grand on da craps table.

-Ho brah, you like go Matsumoto Shave Ice?

SASAOI! We grind em' cuz!
by Mr Lim1 G$ July 08, 2009
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